Battery-Powered Portable Pump for Pretty Easy Plant Watering

A battery-powered portable pump makes watering plants pretty easy. Some gardens are densely packed and tight on space. It's not always easy to crawl under a canopy with a big bucket of water and drench every plant as they deserve. The Tera Pump is a battery-powered portable water/fuel transfer pump (with auto-stop!) that helps make watering your plant garden pretty easy.

The Tera Pump is simple to use. It requires two AA-batteries to power on. The pump end goes in your water mix and the other end is where the water automatically flows out like a garden hose. It even works with thicker liquid nutrient mixes.

Tera Pump has a transfer rate of up to 2.4 gallons-per-minute (GPM) from just two AA-batteries.

It's cordless, portable, lightweight, and useful inside and out.

This is a great addition to your gardening tool belt. No more crawling underneath canopies to water the plants in the back. Less need to more plants around because you've got a longer reach. Less need to carry heavy buckets or water reservoirs around your grow room or garden. And, it eliminates the need for long hoses. There's so many benefits for having an automatic pump in your watering arsenal.

The Tera Pump is a great choice for making watering your garden easier. It's one of the best (if not the top) automatic battery-powered portable transfer pumps on the market and it works great as a short portable garden hose.