Glow in The Dark Stars and Moon Wall Decals

Glow in the dark stars and moon wall and ceiling sticker decals.

239 Pieces Glow in The Dark Stars Wall Decals, Luminous Stars and Moon Wall Stickers Decor for Ceiling Wall Decals, Perfect Perfect for Kids Nursery Bedroom Living Room

  • PERFECT GLOWING MOON STAR STICKER DECALS:there are many styles for you to meet your needs. we present premium stars and moon stickers (contain five-pointed star!). Create your own night sky. The great stuff are deserved to get.
  • SUPER BRIGHT&LONG TIME GLOWING:You just need to put it under lamp-light, flashlight, or sunshine for 10 minutes,it will keep glowing for 8-15 hours because the stickers need to absorb light before glowing. The longer it takes to absorb light,then to light up for up to longer. After the series thing, there will be a glowing view in front of your eyes.
  • EASY REMOVABLE & SAFE: If you don't like the initial placement,you could easily remove these glowing the dark moon stars decals with little effort and change another places no messy residue,making it perfect for that person who loves to change styles with the seasons.
  • LONG LASTING GLOWING & GOOD ADHESIVENESS: regular brand manufacturers produced, quality assurance.The effect is perfect as hand-painted picture. Indoor wall tiling non-human causes or light environment can be guaranteed five years without fading does not fall off