TrimBin for Ergonomically Trimming Cannabis by Hand

Growing your own cannabis is a lot of fun. Gardening is a magical process. Cutting down the pants signals you're almost ready to consume the harvest. Curing is a test of patience. And, consuming is the ultimate prize. Trimming, however, is definitely a labor of love.

Hand Trimming Cannabis is Tedious and Repetitive

Trimming cannabis plants involves a lot of repetitive hand motions. Whether you have a few grams or a few ounces to trim, you're going to be opening and closing a small pair of garden shears for a relatively long period of time. It's probably not an activity you do every day and have readily available muscle mass and muscle memory built up to deal with. Going up and down and up and down with the scissors over and over again is not good for the muscles and tendons in your fingers, hands, and wrists. Plus, it's already a pain to be struggling with sticky scissor shears for hours at a time. Even worse is if you're trimming with your wrists bent at an awkward angle — imagine trimming over the side of a normal plastic tote or lunch box container. Eventually, you start to feel the pain in your wrists, so you have to take a break and stretch.

Achieving Higher Efficiency through Ergonomics

The TrimBin is an ergonomically designed trimming station. It has two U-shaped openings across the front-side of the device for your wrists. The ergonomic design helps minimize the strain on your wrists by allowing you to keep your shoulder-elbow-wrists position at a comfortable 90-degree angle, so you can trim your cannabis flowers more comfortably for a longer amount of time. Trim more in less time because you're able to work more effectively by working more efficiently.

TrimBin Special Extended Features

The TrimBin is for more than just ergonomic trimming.

Kief Catching Microscreen System

The TrimBin has a built-in kief catcher. Typically, a lot of the trichomes fall off and get wasted when you're trimming cannabis flowers. With the TrimBin all of that fallen goodness can be captured and extracted. The double-decker design features a fine-mesh-screen, allowing the good kief to sift through and sink down to the bottom-bin while keeping the leaves and stems separated out in the top-bin. And, the TrimBin comes with an awesome brush to help you collect the kief when you're ready to clean up, too.

Portable and Easy to Use

The TrimBin is a work-anywhere portable work station. It's not a table or a big heavy rig. The TrimBin is lightweight, easy to use, and there is no set up required. You can work at a tabletop or use your lap while you're sitting on your living room couch.

Buy TrimBin Shop Now

Trimming cannabis is a lot of work, so why not work smart? TrimBin is made from 100% recyclable polypropylene and it's easy to clean and easy to carry. The product is made in the USA, in California. You can buy it now on Amazon.