Wide Mouth Glass Jars for Curing Cannabis Plants

You can use glass jars - like wide mouth glass jars - for curing cannabis flower.

Curing is a fancy way of saying finishing the cannabis growing process. Curing ushers in some chemical changes within the plant, finishes overall plant growth, traps the terpenes, and increases potency. The curing process helps ensure you end up with better-quality buds by the time they're ready to be smoked or otherwise consumed.

These are the basic steps of our cannabis curing process:

  • Trim Your Buds
  • Fill Glass Jars 3/4 Full with Trimmed Buds
  • Store Jars in a Cool and Dark Place
  • Burp daily for the First 1 to 1.5 Weeks
  • Continue Storing at ~62% Humidity

The Science of Cannabis Curing

Scientifically speaking, the goal of curing is to remove bacteria for improved long-term storage capabilities.

Mankind has been curing meat using salts, nitrates, and sugars for centuries. As a species, we've had a lot of time to figure out how this simple technological preservation practice works — we've gotten pretty good at it, too.

Curing cannabis is a lot simpler and less messy than curing raw meats.

You can cure cannabis using just a glass wide-mouth jar.

How to Start the Cannabis Curing Process

Here's a beginner's step-by-step blueprint of one way you can cure your pre-dried cannabis flowers — from trimming to jarring, burping, and waiting.


The first step to starting the curing process is trimming your buds off the branch.

Most hand-trimming gardeners like using spring-loaded garden sheers.

Cut all the buds off the branches and trim the fan leaves. Extra materials create unwanted moisture inside the jars during the cure. Only jar the buds.


Fill a wide-mouth glass jar approximately three-quarters-full with trimmed bud.

Leave room for an air pocket at the top. The air pocket lets the buds continue breathing because they are still plant-material and aren't fully necrotic. There's still an exchange of oxygen/CO2 and some photosynthesis going on.

Part of what curing is all about is waiting for the chlorophyll to go away. Else, you're stuck with that hay/ fresh-cut-grass smell forever (that's the smell of too much chlorophyll).


For the first week to week and a half (or roughly around then) you will “burp” the jars daily.

Burping means opening the jars to allow for the exchange of fresh air. Burping swaps the stale air inside the jar for new fresh air. It also helps lower the humidity inside the jar — which should stay around 62% for the best results.

It's okay if the humidity swings up or down because not everyone is growing marijuana in a laboratory with computerized equipment and perfectly temperate environments. Keep an eye on the buds. You don't want them to dry too fast or too slow.

Humidity Packs

One nearly sure-fire way to maintain and control the humidity inside the jar is with a Boveda 62% RH humidity pack. Top the jar off with one of these humidity packs before you close it and it will help by absorbing and regulating the relative humidity levels within the jar.

As a humidity pouch absorbs moisture you'll notice it becomes harder and harder. Keeping it real with humidity levels like this adds efficiency to your curing system because you'll be able to spend less time burping jars because you won't need to burp as often.

Boveda humidity packs aren't required, but they're a cool innovative auxiliary technology that can be easily incorporated into your cannabis growing process if it helps — and it might be worth a try to see how much it can help if you're ever having trouble during curing, too.

What if Burped Air Smells Bad?

If the burped air smells like mold or ammonia then you need to empty the jar because you started curing too early. Generally speaking, you're going to run into this type of problem if the buds are still too wet to be jarred. Take them out of the jar and open-air dry them for another day or as needed.


The last and hardest part of curing cannabis is just waiting.

It's really easy to get impatient at this point in the cannabis grow. You've already waited so long and you're so close to the finish line that you can taste it. Sometimes, it's most difficult to do nothing at all. Practice self-discipline and be patient during the cure.

By the time you're curing, the bud is already able to be consumed, but it has not yet reached its pinnacle of existence. Allow your buds to reach their pinnacle of existence.